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From The President

Today, we look back at what we have accomplished together at The Syndicate: official occasions, events & partnerships are the reflection of the Syndicate’s mission to grow the industry, and numbers are a showcase of the success we’ve been having. 1,500 – This is the total number of owners to this day at our Syndicate.

We started out at 100 only three years ago. As our family grows, so does the success that comes with it. We’ve also been able to increase membership by a striking 1,500% since 2015.

Passion continues to animate our entire institution and to drive it towards what it has become today. Our profound commitment is to be a driving force behind the Food & Beverage industry in Lebanon.

Over the past year, the Syndicate has continued to work very closely with the Ministries of Tourism, Economy & Trade, Labor and Public Health with regard to the Food Safety topic, the certification system as well as other legislations. The Syndicate also continues to work with many partners and groups to facilitate services to the members of the Syndicate and the industry in general.

Get to know more about the Syndicate, our mission, vision and overall raison d’être, as well as our triumphs, through the pages of this newsletter. And as always, I invite all owners of restaurants, cafés, night-clubs & pastries to join the Syndicate, so that we can create a bigger lobbying body and continue working together to ensure that our industry remains a strong and pioneering one in the country.

Tony Ramy
President of Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-clubs & Pastries in Lebanon

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

- George Bernard Shaw

Latest standards of health safety

The SORCNP was directly involved in providing pragmatic solutions and displaying leadership and knowledge in food safety and hygiene. The SORCNP’s diplomatic approach, through intensive meetings with Minister Wael Abou Faour, were key to establishing an agreement that resulted in a positive impact for business owners.

The SORCNP along with its partners, presented a unified food safety and hygiene law that was adopted by both the Ministry of Tourism & the Ministry of Public Health. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with GWR Food Safety and Boecker, the leading Food Safety and Hygiene Consultants in the region, forming a close bond with the Syndicate. As a result, the proposed food safety law is on par with global standards and an executive training program was created.


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