Café Najjar is a Lebanese company headquartered in Fanar Roumieh Industrial Area and founded by Michel Najjar the grandfather in 1957. The company manufactures and distributes all types of coffees, nuts, dried fruits as well as coffee machines.

For the past 60 years at Café Najjar, we have made it our mission to embrace innovation at every opportunity. With a vision to do things differently and an insistence on superior quality, we have grown from a small family roaster to a company that leads the market share in Lebanon and now exports to more than 48 countries.

At Najjar, the spirit of innovation is endless, and today, it has inspired us to introduce a true revolution to Lebanese coffee, the NAJJAR RAQWA. For the first time, with this groundbreaking coffee maker, the perfect cup of Lebanese coffee can be enjoyed in all of its authentic glory at the simple press of a button and in just 45 seconds. Anyone, anywhere, can enjoy that quintessential Najjar taste they grew up with and grew to love with the ultimate convenience.

Contact Info:

Fanar Industrial area , Café Najjar building - Lebanon
1288 / 01-884 830