Membership Benefits

In addition to serving as a lobbying body between its members and the governmental and private institutions, the Syndicate offers consulting and business services as well as networking opportunities that are only possible thanks to our vast and active membership base.

  • 1. Lobbying at the Ministries of Tourism, Economy, Finance & Municipalities:

    We take on the fight so you can focus on what matters most for your growth and prosperity
    Advisory on matters among which:

    • Legal, Tax, Labor, Social Security
    • Safety and Hygiene
    • Cost Reduction
    • Bureaucracy Processes
    • Crisis Management
    • Guest Attraction
    • Social Media
  • 2. Education Services:

    • Publishing and sharing industry articles
    • Organizing networking events with other restaurant & foodservice industry entrepreneurs & professionals
    • Training companies on a variety of topics: food safety, hygiene, e-programs
    • Quality label
  • 3. Financial Assistance:

    • Favorable contacts with banks
    • Favorable contacts with small business loan providers (Kafalat & Central Bank)
  • 4. Data Resources:

    • List of selected industry suppliers and consultants
    • Information on legal issues
    • Licensing bureaucracy assistance
  • 5. Media Exposure:

    • Social media, events, press releases, publications, press conferences