Letter from the Board of Directors of the Syndicate RCNP

We announce that our beloved tourism sector has passed away

The Board of Directors of the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon today convened at the Syndicate's office and issued the following statement:

As our concerns grew deeper,
As our voices grew higher,
As we went all-out with our pleadings to try and save what was left, to lift up what was drowning, to take one last breath of hope,

Our government has once again decided to shelve the dossier of the touristic sector's demands and requests, and to push it to yet another meeting...

Consequently, and with deep sorrow and grief, we hereby announce that our beloved tourism sector has passed away.
Obituaries have been drafted, and the burial will take place when the time is right.

Never will we forget that this sector was a key pillar of our country's economy, and that in 2016, Lebanon made international headlines for becoming the first food destination worldwide.
Today, we will unfortunately make headlines again, this time for gloomier reasons.

As we sit back, mourning this great loss, and saddened by the dark times we are currently witnessing, we cannot but feel overwhelmed by the heavy obstacles and debts weighing on our shoulders.

No one has stood up for us, nor fought with us, and the Cabinet has turned a blind eye to our demands, despite them being legitimate and reasonable.

Today, we bid farewell to our employees and jeopardize their families' living conditions,
We apologize to our children and their now uncertain future.

We did our best to have your voices heard,
We did our best to protect you...

Together we will stand...

Board of Directors
Syndicate RCNP